50.26. A Good Human Being. Meet Mike Jones.

mike jones

I once read, “love is the only mirror we must use to judge ourselves and others.” Clients of the Heart Ministry Center are good people that are going through difficult times. It is not our place to judge or question a client but we need to treat each person with the utmost respect and dignity.   As a volunteer, Mike Jones never judges others but instead is patient, generous, and caring. Mike takes the time to help anybody whether that be an elderly lady needing her groceries taken to her car or a young refugee needing someone to listen. Perhaps Mike does not judge others because he knows exactly how it feels to be judged.

Mike had a good childhood. Mike’s parents loved him and took care of all his needs. Even so, Mike ignored their advice and he admits “made poor decisions.” One such choice was Mike experimenting with drugs, which eventually led to a serious addiction. This addiction controlled Mike’s life and led him to making other bad decisions like committing robbery to feed his drug habit. But for a little bit less than a year total, Mike spent ages 18 to 42 in prison for his crimes. By 2007, Mike’s father was terminally ill with cancer. During this same time, Mike had transition to work release, which allowed him to see his father one last time. At this visit, Mike told his father that he was not going back to which his father gave his customary response, “We’ll see.” Mike’s father died shortly thereafter.

Today Mike is a changed man. Mike’s stepmom talks about how he is different today. For me, it is difficult to view Mike anything but the person I have been fortunate enough to get to know. Mike is hard working, Mike is loyal, and Mike is kind. I hope no one would judge Mike for his past mistakes. After all, Mike is an invaluable volunteer, a community leader, and most of all just a good human being. I just wish I knew more people just like Mike Jones.


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